King Alexander of the Land of the Green Isles (daventryprince) wrote,
King Alexander of the Land of the Green Isles

Long Ago, in the Land of the Green Isles [ Monday, 08/15 ].

This was it...finally! After spending so many days in a library, inhaling the musty scent of old maps and charts, Alexander was now breathing in the exhilarating scent of the salty sea air! Around him, the capable crew toiled; occasionally, he threw in his hand to help, rather fond of the hard labor involved with sailing. And then he was blessed with the company for his friends. Overflowing with excitement, he had oh so handwavily babbled to just about anyone who would listen about his fortuitous discovery and the vision of Cassima in the Magic Mirror. He invited many of them to join him on his quest, if they would do him such an honor. He knew many of them had heard so much about this mysterious land that perhaps they should like to see it themselves with their own eyes, as well.

So they set off that day, with a portal that would take them to a ship waiting in Llewdor, and onward they ventured.

It had been smooth sailing so far, but there was trouble brewing on the horizon....

[[ for the motley crew of adventurers! Please wait for the massive (and slow!) OCD is up! on the way! NFB for distance, naturally ]]
Tags: the land of the green isles
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